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Road improvements are happening all around Lake Tahoe this summer. But all this work isn’t just for taking care of the roads. Caltrans is protecting water quality by building ten storm drain collection areas with over 120 inlets and paved shoulders on highways throughout the Tahoe Basin. The new drainage system will capture stormwater runoff and filter out dirt, oil and litter before it gets to the lake.

Borne out of a Presidential Executive Order from the Clinton Administration, the Tahoe Basin roadwork projects have been taking place since 1997. The effort is part of an Environmental Improvement program to sustain and enhance the environmental quality of Lake Tahoe. As a central partner of this initiative, Caltrans is responsible for projects that address water quality treatment, soil conservation and vegetation to reduce transportation impacts on the Tahoe Basin environment. 

The water quality improvement projects planned will affect almost every mile of the highway system in the Tahoe Basin, so traffic delays are likely between June and October. Plan ahead by allowing a few extra minutes of travel time to get to your destination. It’s a small price to pay to protect Lake Tahoe for decades to come…so relax and enjoy the view.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep Lake Tahoe water clean, blue and beautiful.

Watch this video created in partnership with Tahoe TV to learn more.

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