June is Bike Month in Lake Tahoe

Date:              May 30, 2013 

         District 3 - Marysville, www.dot.ca.gov/dist3
Jody Jones, District Director

Contact:        Steve Nelson  Email: steve.nelson@dot.ca.gov

Phone:          (530) 741-4566 office, (530) 701-9459 cell


June is Bike Month in Lake Tahoe

LAKE TAHOE - The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is reminding motorists to be aware of increased bicyclist activity in the Lake Tahoe region during Bike Month in June.

Motorists need to share the road with bicyclists on roadways where there are no designated bike lanes. Bicyclists also need to take precautions when traveling through construction areas. Caltrans offers the following reminders:

  • Do not ride into the cone pattern, which is the contractor work zone, whether you see the contractor working there or not. There may be hazards in the cone pattern that are not readily apparent to the cyclist, such as drop-offs, trenches, excavations, ground-out rough surfaces, tack coats put down prior to paving, hot asphalt surfacing, or moving equipment, materials or personnel.  If you are involved in an accident in the work zone, the authorities may find you in violation of provisions of the California Vehicle Code for entering a contractor work area.

  • This means that you may need to ride in a narrowed lane with motorized vehicles to pass by the cone zone. If you are uncomfortable doing so, you may need to find an alternate route on city streets or county roads to bypass the cone zone.
  •  If you are riding in the traffic lane next to the cone zone and workers are near the cones performing operations, you may want to announce yourself by saying something like “Bike” so that contractor workers know you are passing by.  Cyclists normally ride much closer to the cone pattern than motorized vehicles and workers are used to having some additional buffer space over the cone where they may swing a tool or a rake or similar.

The 22nd annual America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride takes places in Lake Tahoe on Sunday, June 2, and the Tahoe Bike Challenge, which encourages bike riding rather than driving, is June 1-14.

Sunday’s bike event, which is sold out, will take riders on portions U.S. Highway 50 and State Routes 89 and 28 around Lake Tahoe. Signs will be posted alerting motorists of the event. Highway 89 will be closed from Spring Creek Road to Vikingsholm Vista Point in Emerald Bay from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. on Sunday for the event.

For more information on the bike challenge, go to tahoebikechallenge.org.