89 West Shore
Caltrans will be constructing a new drainage system and rehabilitating the existing system to collect runoff for stormwater treatment. The proposed project is on Route 89 in El Dorado and Placer Counties, at and near Tahoe City, from 0.2 mile south of the El Dorado/Placer County Line to the Truckee River Bridge.

Additionally, the following project elements include:
  • Construct sand traps and, where feasible, vegetated swales and infiltration galleries to treat roadway runoff.
  • At locations where vegetated swales and galleries are not feasible, construct specially designed underground vaults to treat roadway runoff.
  • Construct paved maintenance pullouts at sand traps and vaults where feasible.
  • Maintain sheet flow off of roadway through existing or enhanced vegetation where it is determined that the net water quality benefit is maximized by sheet flow.
  • Areas adjacent to the highway will be landscaped to aid in storm water treatment and to prevent vehicles from tracking soil onto the highway.
  • Disturbed slopes will be revegetated. Erosion control/revegetation measures will be incorporated on all other unvegetated slopes within the State right of way.
  • Widen road shoulders to a minimum of four feet throughout the project limits. Additional shoulder paving will be provided where needed and justified. Construct a retaining wall and barriers to facilitate widening.
  • Provide profile, superelevation and cross slope corrections.
  • Provide an asphalt concrete overlay over existing pavement.
  • New curbs and gutters will be constructed at numerous locations throughout the project limits to aid storm water collection. In areas where curb and gutters are placed the shoulder width will be increased to five feet to accommodate bicyclists who choose to ride on the highway shoulder instead of the adjacent multi-purpose trail.
  • Lengthen existing left-turn pockets and continuous left-turn lanes.
  • Construct new left-turn pockets at Gray Avenue, Moana Circle, McKinney Rubicon Springs Road, Ward Avenue, Sunnyside Lane, Olympic Drive (north), Granlibakken Road, and the proposed entrance to the Tahoe City Transit Center.
  • Realign the multi-purpose trail to provide standard separation between opposing bicycle and vehicle traffic where feasible.
At select locations, pave areas adjacent to the roadway to provide recreational access.